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As HPI confirms, this week, that its National Mileage Register (NMR) now exceeds 150 million mileages, the BBC’s The One Show* puts the spotlight on the growing threat of car clocking. Leading with HPI’s figure of one million clocked cars on UK roads, The One Show went on to report how one used car buyer […]

Car Clocking – BBC1′s The One Show Investigates

BBC’s ‘The One Show’ featured the growing epidemic that is car clocking. At HPI we continue to see odometer discrepancies on 1 in 20 of the reports we issue – that’s a 3% increase on 2013. HPI and the BBC investigate Car clocking describes the practice of artificially reducing (or increasing) the mileage reading displayed […]

Car clocking – don’t get caught out

It’s easy to think of clocked cars as a problem of yesteryear. One that’s been tackled so you no longer need to worry about it. But sadly, nothing could be further from the truth, as one in every 20 cars subjected to an HPI check is found to have been clocked. Where there’s easy money […]