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How a car check can save you from buying a cloned car

Car cloning is an illegal practise and unfortunately a problem in the used car market. Fraudsters sell cloned cars to either make a fast profit or to avoid receiving tickets (ie: parking tickets, speed camera fines, and congestion charges) as these would go to the registered keeper (the car of which the identity was stolen). […]

Buying A Car With Outstanding Finance On It

We’re supposed to be living in an age of austerity, and if you believe the papers, a worrying proportion of us are in the red. Despite this, new car sales are increasing every month – so how can this be? The answer is simple; it’s all down to the ready availability of credit, and in […]

10 Warning Signs When Buying A Second-Hand Car

Buying a used car can be very stressful, but if you’re methodical about things there’s little to fear. The key is to make a series of basic checks, any one of which will highlight whether or not the car is likely to be a safe bet. So if you go to look at a second-hand […]