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How To Buy A Car At Auction

For decades, buying at auction has been the cheapest way of snapping up a used car bargain, but many buyers are put off because they think they’ll end up paying too much, or buying a heap. After all, you’d only put a car into the auction ring if it’s too riddled with faults to sell […]

Where To Buy A Used Car

Every year around eight million used cars change hands. While choosing which car is the right one is bewildering enough, working out where to buy your second-hand car can also be mind-boggling. You can choose between franchised and independent dealers, car supermarkets, auctions, private sales – the latter through the classifieds and online auctions. Wherever […]

Should I buy an electric car?

Until recently, if you wanted to buy a car you chose between petrol or diesel-engined models. Then along came hybrids and before long we’ll probably have hydrogen power too. But for now the new kid on the block is the electric car, which is getting more popular by the month here in the UK. The […]

Should I buy a classic car?

The question is simple; should you buy a classic car, or not? But the answer (unsurprisingly) is far more complex. What constitutes a classic car? What will you be using it for? What’s your budget? Why are you considering one? Will this be your sole means of transport? For some people a classic car makes […]