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The Roof Comes Off But So Do The Miles

As British Summer Time Fast Approaches, HPI Urges Convertible Car Buyers to Check for a Chequered History Over the last decade the UK has seen the number of convertible cars on its roads increase by a staggering 1182%*, confirming Britain’s passion for ‘making hay whilst the sun shines’. However, HPI is warning convertible-loving used car […]


HPI offers used car buyers a guide on how to purchase an insurance write-off that is not only safe to be on the road, but could save them 50% off the ticket price. HPI, provider of the HPI Check®, uncovers 649 vehicles per day for sale, which have been declared insurance write-offs, but says “not […]

Buying A Car With Outstanding Finance On It

We’re supposed to be living in an age of austerity, and if you believe the papers, a worrying proportion of us are in the red. Despite this, new car sales are increasing every month – so how can this be? The answer is simple; it’s all down to the ready availability of credit, and in […]

10 Warning Signs When Buying A Second-Hand Car

Buying a used car can be very stressful, but if you’re methodical about things there’s little to fear. The key is to make a series of basic checks, any one of which will highlight whether or not the car is likely to be a safe bet. So if you go to look at a second-hand […]

Don’t Fall Victim To Motor Fraud

When you’re buying a used car you need to have your wits about you, as there are some nasty people out there intent on defrauding you. We told you about the dangers of buying a car that’s still on finance in our recent blog (a practice sometimes known as asset fraud) (, but there are […]

How To Buy A Car At Auction

For decades, buying at auction has been the cheapest way of snapping up a used car bargain, but many buyers are put off because they think they’ll end up paying too much, or buying a heap. After all, you’d only put a car into the auction ring if it’s too riddled with faults to sell […]

HPI Warns Dealers of Increased Risk of Fraud with Proposed MOT Extension

A four-year MoT period opens the door for clockers looking to make a fast profit As industry players join forces, raising consumer safety fears on the back of the Government’s plans to consult on extending the MoT period from three years to four years – as announced in the budget – HPI warns that the […]

Where To Buy A Used Car

Every year around eight million used cars change hands. While choosing which car is the right one is bewildering enough, working out where to buy your second-hand car can also be mind-boggling. You can choose between franchised and independent dealers, car supermarkets, auctions, private sales – the latter through the classifieds and online auctions. Wherever […]

HPI launches Vehicle Monitor

Generating dealer leads by indicating when a customer is ready to sell their vehicle Automotive technology solutions provider, HPI, is helping dealers generate more business leads with the launch of Vehicle Monitor. The new service allows dealers to track a vehicle, once it’s sold to a customer, producing alerts if it hits one of three […]

Five Great Used Convertibles

Despite the rubbish weather that we have to put up with in the UK, we buy more open-topped cars than any country in the world, apart from North America. Perhaps we’re all blind optimists, or maybe we just need something fun to counter all of the traffic jams, potholes and speed cameras. Or perhaps it’s […]