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Customer Checklist – Motor Insurance Renewal Process

Your motor insurance policy should be renewed before the expiry date and time. Failure to do so can lead loss of the motor insurance renewal benefits. We take every effort to send reminders to all our policy holders to remind them about expiry of their motor policy. Company executives or agents will contact you in […]

Tips to Drive Safely in the Monsoons

The monsoon season is approaching, and if you go by the old saying, “prevention is better than cure”, you need to take care of your vehicle during the rains. We, as an insurer, will take care of reimbursing the loss to the vehicle. However, we can only reimburse you for the cover taken. There are […]

Car Insurance for Maruti Car Owners

An insurance policy plays an important role in a car’s and the car owner’s life. It covers one’s vehicle or a property when the vehicle or the property suffers loss or damages of any kind. The coverage of insurance policies gives the car owner re-imbursement for the damages incurred. In this way the car owner […]

How Motor Insurance Add-on Covers Can Benefit You

It was monsoon season when one of my friends who was driving his three-year-old BMW on flooded streets of Mumbai met with an accident damaging windshield, bumper and hood of the car. As the streets were waterlogged, he tried to start the car resulting in hydro-static lock. He was more than 100 kms from his […]

Explaining Zero Depreciation Policy

You have had an accident and now need to pay a whooping Rs. 1 lakh for repairing your car. However, you assume that since you have a motor insurance policy your damages would be covered. Unfortunately, when you file for claims, you come to know that you would have to pay hefty fraction of the […]

5 Factors that Impact Car Insurance Premium

In India, motor insurance is compulsory by law. In addition to this, car insurance is also vital for personal safety and increasing cost of claims. However, car insurance can be quite pricey and the large premiums can burn quite a hole in your pocket. By understanding the factors that affect car insurance premium, you can […]

Motor Insurance Online – Dos and Don’ts

Today, cars and two wheelers have moved beyond being just a status symbol to being a necessity for every household. And if you have car or a two wheeler, you will also need to get motor insurance. Motor insurance is a necessity, not just by law, but also for keeping your precious vehicle secure from […]

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Making a Car Insurance Claim

Road accidents have earned India a dubious distinction. With over 130,000 deaths annually, the country has overtaken China and now has the worst road traffic accident rate worldwide. Driving in a country like India, one is prone to accidents, be it a minor or major one. Every car insurance claim starts with a car accident […]

Your Car Insurance Policy Lapsed? Here is What You Should Do

You have just been hit with the sudden realization that your car insurance policy has lapsed. Now you are just scratching your head, wondering what to do next! A lapsed car insurance policy indicates that you have missed the deadline of renewing your four wheeler insurance policy. Not only is it a legal offence to […]

5 Reasons Why a Car Insurance Claim is Rejected

In the insurance sector, motor insurance forms a crucial part both in terms of sales and claims. Most insurance companies in India get the maximum chunk of their business from motor insurance. Along with increasing sales, there are also claims that we need to focus on. Like all insurance policies, there are terms and conditions […]