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2019 Parx-WIAA Auto Show – A Petrolhead’s Wet Dream

One of the most difficult tasks on a chilly wintry Sunday morning is to get yourself out of bed. I will admit I am not a morning person, more so on a Sunday. However, this Sunday was different — I was up before 6am and there wasn’t any of the de facto grumpiness that’s usually […]

Custom Zero FX – The Best Looking Electric Bike

It’s safe to say that the folks at Huge Design have knocked it out of the park with this Zero FX Custom Supermoto. While this design studio from San Franciscan, USA, is usually known for designing some unique products, they do try their hands on bikes and cycles once in a while. And when that […]

Facts About Transmissions

An automatic transmission is something that almost any vehicle has these days. These types of transmissions can automatically change the ratio of gears in conjunction with where the gear needs to be. This can be quite useful in the event that the driver has to shift gears. They will not have to do so manually. […]

Choose Truck Guys For Your Truck’s Lighting Needs

Are you looking to enhance the quality of your truck’s lighting? If so, let Truck Guys take your lighting to the next level. With their extensive knowledge and skills, they will help you achieve the goals you have for your truck. This is a company that has many different and stylish options for truck lighting, […]

Understanding How to Get Your Teen Driving

The process teenagers have to go through to get their driver’s license has changed greatly over the years. It also varies from one state to the next. Understanding how the system works will help you guide your teen through the wonderful adventure of learning how to drive. Getting a Permit Each state has a specific […]

What is routine maintenance for your HVAC?

Your heating and air conditioning system is undeniably the most important system in your home. It’s important that you focus on routine maintenance with it so that you can take good care of it. By identifying a reputable AC shop Arlington WA residents can get the maintenance scheduled throughout the year. Replace Your Filters Filters […]

Protective Women’s Motorcycle Clothing

Ladies motorcycle clothing can be beautifully designed as well as being able to keep the wearers safe if there is an accident. The insulating jackets can also protect from the elements, road rash, and debris. You can choose from different styles, materials, and colors, and find the clothing that fits your unique and particular style, […]

Samsung to Launch Four Galaxy A-series Smartphones in India in H1 2019: Report

The upcoming Galaxy A-series smartphones will reportedly pack 4,000 mAh battery and AMOLED screens HIGHLIGHTS Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20, Galaxy A30, and Galaxy A50 are in the pipeline The Galaxy A10 will reportedly start at Rs. 8,490 in India The upcoming smartphones are said to be running on Android Pie Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A-series smartphones […]

Google’s Cloud Firestore NoSQL database hits general availability

Google  today announced that Cloud Firestore, its serverless NoSQL document database for mobile, web and IoT apps, is now generally available. In addition, Google is also introducing a few new features and bringing the service to 10 new regions. With this launch, Google is giving developers the option to run their databases in a single region. During the beta, […]

How to Choose a Reliable Mobile Auto Repair?

When having car trouble, having a mobile auto repair is much cheaper than going to a car repair center to have your car checked and fixed. Most mobile auto repair comes with a good mechanic that you can trust and if you know what to look for in a reliable mobile repair team for your […]