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Tesla is hurting but electric and self-driving cars are still a good investment

New York (CNN Business)Tesla is having a brutal year. But the company’s missed sales forecasts and weakening demand shouldn’t scare investors away from the electric vehicle business. In fact, the EV industry as a whole is booming. Several major auto companies and tech giants are working on new electric and self-driving cars and trucks — […]

Galvanizing On-Site

Galvanized steel is valued in industry for its corrosion-resistant properties, particularly for use in automobiles, plumbing and construction. Iron and steel manufacturers often turn to dedicated galvanizing plants for this, focusing their own plants on the base product. However, there is an alternative for businesses that prefer to handle the supply chain in-house. The Galvanizing […]

Why You Need To Protect Yourself and Your Property With Auto Insurance

While many states require a vehicle owner to carry insurance for their vehicle, not everyone abides by the law. Most people have either personally experienced or know someone who has been the victim of a collision where the at-fault party had no insurance. Because some people don’t follow the law, protecting yourself and your car […]

Why Are Emissions Standards Important?

When you take your car in to get inspected, you probably have to pay for an emissions test, particularly if you live in a densely populated area. This test ensures that your vehicle is not releasing more noxious fumes into the air than the law allows, contributing to more than its fair share of air […]

Volkswagen’s systems can’t cope with 10,000 electric car orders

London (CNN Business)Volkswagen says its IT systems are melting down as people rush to order its new electric car online. The German carmaker said Thursday that it has received 10,000 orders for the ID.3 1ST in the 24 hours since reservations opened in Europe, leaving its computer systems unable to cope with the high number […]

China’s Electric-Car Mania Draws Parallels to the Dot-Com Bubble

China’s electric-vehicle market is so overcrowded it’s starting to resemble the dot-com bubble that burst at the turn of the century, the industry’s top producer warned, sounding the latest alarm for an market stacked with about 500 players. There are many similarities between China’s EV market today and the crash two decades ago, when all […]

Indian car and motorcycle companies have registered a considerable decline in sales, here’s why

It is not usual when a car manufacturer like Maruti Suzuki reports a sharp decline in terms of passenger car sales. However, there are other automobile companies like Mahindra and Tata Motors who have reported a drop in sales. Going by the official number, the wholesale number of vehicles that were sold in April 2019 […]

India car sales analysed: April 2019

The new financial year 2019-20 has kicked off on a sluggish note with all major car manufacturers witnessing a drop in sales in April 2019. Car sales are usually slow in April due to revision in car prices and lack of deals and discounts. A steep drop in car sales can be seen across all […]

Top Five Reasons Why Car Valeting is Crucial

Car valeting goes beyond your regular Sunday car wash. It is detailed cleaning done by professional valets which include body wash, interior shampoo cleaning, and sometimes cleaning the engine bar. Doing regular valeting to your vehicle will give it a longer life and avoid the fading of the original color. So, have you ever thought […]

Honda Car India’s Sales Grow By 23% In April 2019

View Photos The company has received a great response to the recently launched Civic in India Honda Cars India registered monthly domestic sales of 11,272 units in April 2019 as against 9,143 units in April 2018 registering a growth of 23 per cent. The company has seen a strong sales growth thanks to the new-gen […]