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A step by step guide to car auctions

Daytime TV has shown us the good deals on offer at auction houses and the bargains consumers can bag. Car auctions aren’t just for motor dealers; it’s a great place for private buyers to find their dream car at a reduced price. If you’ve never been to an auction don’t worry, we’ve put together a […]

How to Save on Car Claims this Monsoon

  As monsoon continues, one has to bear the agony of driving through waterlogged roads and ensuring that your vehicle is not parked in an area that is prone to water accumulation or flooding. Though you may have a motor insurance, it is important that you take due care when you make a claim as […]

Tips to Drive Safely in the Monsoons

The monsoon season is approaching, and if you go by the old saying, “prevention is better than cure”, you need to take care of your vehicle during the rains. We, as an insurer, will take care of reimbursing the loss to the vehicle. However, we can only reimburse you for the cover taken. There are […]