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FCA expands dealership network in India

FCA expands dealership network in India Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) India has announced the expansion of its dealership network in the country. The brand now has a presence in 70 towns and cities with 82 dealerships, which include their all-brand and Jeep Connect showrooms. The all-brand showrooms sell Jeep, Fiat and Abarth vehicles all under […]

Things You Need To Know About Boom Truck Operator Certification

There is no questioning the fact that becoming certified to operate a boom truck is a great opportunity. The pay is very good for such an endeavor and you are performing a valuable public service. However, there are a number of things that you need to know in order to operate a boom truck effectively: […]

Common Reasons Cars Fail Emissions Tests

Emissions tests protect the environment and ensure that your car is operating at peak efficiency. There are a number of issues that can cause your car to fail an emissions test, however. Below are some common issues that may be behind a failed test.

Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan revealed

Mercedes-Benz has just revealed the AMG A35 sedan, which, in essence, is a sporty version of the regular A-class sedan. The A35 is the German carmaker’s newest entry-level performance sedan and is positioned below the AMG’s C43 sedan in the international market. It is powered by the same 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine seen in the A35 […]

Electric vehicle startup Canoo will offer cars by subscription only

Canoo said it plans to partner with a provider of self-driving technology for future automated versions of its vehicles. Evelozcity, the U.S. electric vehicle startup, has changed its name to Canoo and said on Monday that it will offer a range of EVs to private and commercial customers by subscription only. Canoo is positioning itself […]

Ferrari 458 Spider Convertible Prices, Features & Redesigns

Mention the name Ferrari in a room full of people and watch what happens. You are likely to notice almost everyone craning their necks to see outside the windows. Some might even leave the room altogether to get a look at this example of motor vehicle excellence. That is the power Ferrari has over people. […]

Hyundai Cars To Be Available On Subscription with Revv

Gallery To be available in six cities initially from Q1 2019. To offer long term and short term subscriptions with swap facility.  Facilities include on-demand delivery, zero down payment. To also offer no insurance/maintenance cost for short term subscription. Hyundai cars will now be available on subscription across six cities in India, under the Korean […]

2019 Automobile All-Stars Is Coming. Here’s a Preview.

here are those who breathlessly dissect numbers, narrow the focus, or decide to revisit the same old models when contemplating what they believe to be the best car or cars of the year. That’s not us. Instead, during our annual All-Stars event, we set out to simply let you know which vehicles left us breathless, and […]

2019 Parx-WIAA Auto Show – A Petrolhead’s Wet Dream

One of the most difficult tasks on a chilly wintry Sunday morning is to get yourself out of bed. I will admit I am not a morning person, more so on a Sunday. However, this Sunday was different — I was up before 6am and there wasn’t any of the de facto grumpiness that’s usually […]

KRA targets 568 cars at Mombasa port for sale

More than 100 owners of some 568 vehicles that have overstayed at the Port of Mombasa risk losing them mid next month at a Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) auction meant to rid the hub of congestion. The taxman says in a gazette notice detailing the nature of the goods, date of importation and the intended […]