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Should You Rent Or Own Your Own Heavy Equipment?

If you are a construction company that does a high amount of volume, you might come to the crossroad where you have to decide that you want to own your heavy equipment versus always renting your equipment. It really depends on the cost to rental advantages that you might have to review before you decide. […]

Tesla’s Existing Customers To Get In Front Of Line For Buying The Model 3

Tesla will begin taking reservations worldwide for the Model 3 on March 31, the same day the company is going to reveal the compact luxury car. Interested parties will be asked to deposit $1,000 or £1,000 or €1,000, depending on the country of residence. Tesla will give two ways of making a reservation: Potential customers […]

You Can Buy A Porsche 918 Spyder For $78,000

Okay, maybe this Porsche hypercar is a little bit dented, but it’s still a genuine 918 Spyder. With only 918 examples produced, Porsche’s current halo car is a tease on the eye to begin with, and every piece destroyed gets rarer and rarer. Nevertheless, this particular example still has a chance – hence the current […]

Used car buyers set to benefit from the new Consumer Rights Act

On 1st October 2015, some of the biggest changes ever in consumer law will take place and, HPI, provider of the HPI Check®, is urging used car buyers to be aware of their new rights.  The Sale of Goods Act is set to be replaced by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  This crucially allows consumers […]

Car Buying Horror Stories

Every year across the UK millions of people unwittingly buy a used car without checking the full facts about its past.  Many of these people could end up buying a car which is unsafe to drive or still on finance and at risk of being repossessed. To find out the importance of an HPI Check, […]

Car Buyer’s Guide: What you Need to Know

Whether it’s your first or fifth; buying a new car is always an exciting time. You spend a lot of time, effort and money into buying a used a car, so how to make sure you car is a good one, follow our car buyer’s guide. Do your research Before you start searching for your dream […]

Why You Shouldn’t Pay In Cash For Your Car

You’ve done it! You’ve finally found that dream car! All you’ve got to do now is pay for it!  Hooray! But hang on, the seller is asking for “CASH ONLY”, odd, but okay. You’ve fallen in love with the car already, so cash only is fine. But is it? Say NO to “cash only” payments […]

Buyer’s and Seller’s guide

Buying a car on finance is a great way to fund your dream car, however when it comes to buying and selling consumers need to be aware of the risks of outstanding finance. What are the dangers of outstanding finance for a buyer? By purchasing a car that still has money owing on it you […]

Must ask questions when buying and selling a car

When it comes to buying and selling a car it’s important to ask the right questions. Failing to do so can leave you out of pocket. So, to help you on your way we’ve come up with questions to ask the buyer or the seller. Who is the buyer or seller? It’s important to know […]

Don’t buy a Halloween Horror

With witching season upon us, we want to protect buyers from cars that may go bump in the night. Horror stories aren’t just for halloween, 1 in 3 cars checked by HPI uncovers a gory history. This shows that some sellers have more tricks than treats for unsuspecting buyers.  If you’re in the market for a […]