Author: Subojit Aich

Hyundai Cars To Be Available On Subscription with Revv

Gallery To be available in six cities initially from Q1 2019. To offer long term and short term subscriptions with swap facility.  Facilities include on-demand delivery, zero down payment. To also offer no insurance/maintenance cost for short term subscription. Hyundai cars will now be available on subscription across six cities in India, under the Korean […]

TVS upgrading all Apache RR310 bikes for free

– All Apache RR310 bikes are being upgraded  – ECU update for increased performance – Chain roller, bar ends are being changed TVS Apache RR 310 owners now have a reason to rejoice. TVS is upgrading all the Apache RR310 bikes that they have sold in India till now. The upgrades for TVS’ flagship bike have […]

Roundtable: Pet insurance: the state of the market in 2019

In February, Post held a roundtable, in association with Aquarium Software, to examine the state of the UK pet insurance market, touching on issues from consumer education and pricing, to how data and technology may revolutionise the market. Harry Curtis reports. The discussion began with commentators focused on the ways in which insurers’ routes to […]

2019 Automobile All-Stars Is Coming. Here’s a Preview.

here are those who breathlessly dissect numbers, narrow the focus, or decide to revisit the same old models when contemplating what they believe to be the best car or cars of the year. That’s not us. Instead, during our annual All-Stars event, we set out to simply let you know which vehicles left us breathless, and […]