Garage Cash Cover: Car Insurance Add-On – Benefits, Purchase Process

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Garage cash cover is an additional benefit that allows a vehicle owner to earn a daily allowance from the motor insurance provider to cover the daily transportation expenses if the covered car is in a repair garage. Under this protection, until your vehicle is fixed and out of the garage, the insurer is liable to pay for your daily travel costs.

Purchase Process of Garage Cash Cover

Without any form-filling or paperwork submission process, the vehicle can be covered with a comprehensive car insurance policy and the garage cash cover within minutes. You also have the option, though, of buying the policy and the garage cash cover from certain insurers in the traditional way. Here’s how online and off-line you can buy the garage cash cover.

  1. Offline Process: Many times, car owners choose to buy or renew the insurance policy on their vehicle from car dealers. Or they are contacted by executives or agents of insurance firms. However, such a procedure may be restricting and, in this system, you cannot have several choices to choose from. There may be occasions where you can tailor your car insurance plan to your preference using the offline form. Be sure to tell the agent/executive/car dealer of your interest in buying the garage cash cover in those situations. If it is there, ensure if it is included in the policy before as well as after making the payment.
  2. Online Process
  • Step 1 -Visit the website of your chosen insurer.
  • Step 2-Select insurance for cars.
  • Step 3-Share personal and car-related information.
  • Step 4: Pick a comprehensive insurance plan for vehicles.
  • Step 5: Add the garage cash cover.
  • Step 6: Using debit card/net banking/credit card, etc., make the payment
  • Step 7- On completion of the payment, the policy is emailed to you on the registered email ID. A few insurers also enable you to download the policy by signing in to your account on their website

Benefits of Garage Cash Cover

Some of the key benefits of garage cash cover are

  1. Value for Money: To buy this add-on, you need to pay an extra premium. Nevertheless, this add-on would have an absolute value for money in the form of downtime allowance for the time in which your vehicle has to be taken to a garage for repair work for a couple of days in the event of an accident.
  2. Conveyance: You would need some kind of transportation to commute to your office and come back home in the absence of a vehicle. The garage cash cover compensates for the travel cash expended and you need not pay from your pocket for the same.
  3. Ideal Travel Alternative: People may opt for public transport to save money when They do not have a vehicle. You can pick an ideal mode of travel with the garage cash car, like a taxi, since the insurer would pay a fixed sum as part of the cover.