Things to Keep in Car For Emergency Situations

Posted on: February 3, 2021, by :

Road trips can be real fun, especially when you have been waiting for it to happen since long. And nobody wouldn’t want any hurdle when on joyous rides with friends and family. But some situations, such as landslides in ghats, heavy traffic on national highways, extreme fog, are not under control and may happen anytime when you are on your way. These may interrupt in your fun and may even cause emergency situations.

This article consists of all the things that you should keep in your car, when going on trips or long drives, to make the situation better in case you get stuck in the car for long hours.

First Aid Kit

For emergency situations, one of the most important items to carry is basic first aid kit, that includes gauze dressings, band aid, safety pins, crepe rolled bandages, tweezers, thermometer, cleansing wipes, scissors, antiseptic cream, distilled water, etc. Keep the first aid updated and sterile everytime.


Food items that have a long shelf life can be stored in the car for emergency situations. For example, it is best to store energy bars, dry fruits, cup noodles, etc. in the car. Other items can be chivda packets, chakli, other desi snacks, khakhra, etc.


Having a flashlight handy can be of great help in case you get stuck in extreme traffic. You may also need extra light if you are in a place where there are no street lights or are not working. Also, teh flashlight would be helpful in case you need to attend a nature’s call.


Always carry enough money with you. This is important because you may need cash for several things when stuck in traffic or otherwise. For instance, to get food at the stalls, medicines from the pharmacy, etc.

Car Cell Phone Charger

Being stuck in the traffic or otherwise may lead to draining your phone’s battery. So, make sure that you carry a car charger that is compatible with your cell phone. This will help you keep in touch with the outside world in case you get stuck.

Blankets or Sheets

In cold weather, it would be comfortable if you carry blankets along, if travelling with kids or old people. So, if you get stuck in the car ihn a cold weather, you can at least cover yourself up with some cosy sheets.

Water Bottles

You should have enough water to quench your thirst. For this, you may carry a few water bottles, jugs, etc. in your car. The water can be used to clean oil off your clothes, pour into the radiator of the car, wash hands, etc.

Tool Kit

In case your car breaks down, having a tool kit can prove to be a lifesaver, especially if you are far away from a repair shop or a gas station. So, it is recommended that you carry items like tyre gauge, pliers, oil, brake fluid, duct tape, screwdrivers, a pocket knife, antifreeze, collapsible shovel, ice scraper, and foam tyre sealant.


When it comes to carrying the essential documents when driving, you need more than just your car insurance policy and the driving license. Other documents include Pollution Under Control certificates, Registration Certificate, etc. Sometimes the traffic police roam around patrolling the area and it may be possible that they ask for these documents. So, if you don’t have a car insurance policy still, then you must get one now so that you have all the documents.

Emergency Flares

An emergency may strike on a busy highway or a crowded intersection as well. In such cases, you may find it difficult to pull the car to the side of the road and turn the emergency blinkers on, so that the other drivers are able to see you. But it may still be difficult for others to trace you only with the blinkers. For such situations, emergency flares work the best. In case you have red or orange reflective flares, you can easily place them around your car and warn others of your presence.

Bottom Line

It is recommended to carry all the items mentioned above in your car as they can be of great help in case you get stuck. Like a car insurance policy offers you the much needed protection, having these items will also insure you in case of a bad situation when you need to stay in the car for long.