3 Keys to Tire Maintenance

Posted on: October 21, 2020, by :

There are nearly 274 million vehicles traveling down America’s roads, but none of them would get very far without a good set of tires. It is surprising, then, how often quality tire maintenance is overlooked by motorists. Tire care is a critical part of keeping an automobile safe, yet it’s tasks like oil changes, wiper blade replacements and brake inspections that often top the to-do lists of vehicle owners. Here are a few tips that will help keep your tires in top condition.

10 Expert Tips For Tire Safety and Maintenance | AutoGyaan


Each vehicle has its own tire pressure specifications, and it’s important to maintain that pressure within 5 PSI of the manufacturer’s settings. Over- or under-inflated tires threaten traction, affect braking distance, reduce the life of the tire and negatively impact steering and handling. That’s why it’s advised to perform a pressure check at least monthly and always before long drives. Those few minutes before a journey could help prevent a blowout that leaves you stranded on the side of the road, frantically searching for 24-hour tire service Williston ND or in your area.


Tire tread depth is a key factor in maintaining traction with the road. New tires start with a depth around 10/32 of an inch. As tires move along the road, however, the rubber wears down, thereby reducing tread depth. At the point it reaches 2/32 of an inch it becomes unlawful, deemed unsafe for operation. Keep a constant eye on your tire tread, and don’t wait until the last minute to replace a worn-down tire; you never know when you’ll need extra traction.


Many automotive experts recommend rotating your tires approximately every 5,000 miles. Since front tires tend to wear down faster than those on the back, this task helps to improve traction, preserve balanced handling and extend the life of the tire.

Next time you get behind the wheel, make sure those wheels are protected with good tires. Following these tips will help you keep your tires in great condition.