Ways That Used Car Dealers Can Drive Customer Service

Posted on: October 3, 2020, by :

If you are in the process of setting up a preowned-car dealership or are already established but are experiencing low customer volume, it may be time to contemplate customer relations strategies. Gone are the days where dealers and their sales forces viewed buyers as gullible dupes to be tricked into handing over cash. Instead, steer traffic to your door by creating a positive customer experience in the following ways.

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Professional Presentation

Invest upfront in making your dealership look appealing and welcoming. Take steps to shore up any external infrastructure, including repaving cracked asphalt, installing colorful, mature signage and painting rusted poles and worn building exteriors. Inside, incorporate comfortable, elegant furnishings and natural lighting, and store messy paper piles in cabinets. At the same time, prominently display certificates and licenses from used motor vehicle dealer license application processing Austell GA to validate your business.

Helpful Service

Your customers will respond positively if they see your sales force members as allies rather than adversaries. Teach your representatives to actively listen to customers so that they can address their needs (and desires) and, in turn, earn their trust. Next, direct your sales team to guide customers to resources that will show why your policies and the cars you sell can be trusted. They should be able to provide technical and practical details about the cars that would best fit the customer based on their conversations.

Value-Added Follow-Through

Once you have succeeded in establishing trust, let the customer know you will not abandon that relationship after the car leaves the lot. Generate satisfaction and repeat business by offering return guarantees, initial free maintenance, extended warranties or any other pers that many used car dealers do not.

People enjoy bringing a newly-purchased car home. They do not appreciate a stressful buying experience. Instead of driving a hard bargain, try driving customers to your preowned-car dealership by making their experience there a positive one.