3 Common Causes of Windshield Damage

Posted on: September 22, 2020, by :

Having a chipped or cracked windshield is not something that most drivers want to experience. Cracks are unsightly, can limit the driver’s vision and may spread. Try to prevent cracks by avoiding common causes of damage.

5 Major Reasons For Windshield Damage | Windshield Repair and Replacement -  Windshield Experts

1. Debris

One of the ways a windshield can become damaged is by being struck with flying debris. If gravel, rocks or other items are on the road, they can be kicked up from underneath the tires of other vehicles. Things can also become dislodged from truck beds or car roofs. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles to limit the chances of being struck by objects. If the windshield is damaged by debris, then contact a professional to find out about same day auto glass repair St. Louis.

2. Hail

Avoiding hail can be more difficult than evading debris. Check the weather reports each day to see what the forecast is. While the weather report may not be completely accurate down to the minute, it can give a good idea about what areas to stay away from. Park the car in a garage or underneath a protective structure whenever possible to protect against a surprise hailstorm.

3. Temperature or Pressure Changes

Like many other types of material, glass can change size and shape when exposed to temperature or pressure changes. A sudden shift can cause glass to stretch beyond its breaking point and shatter. This can be more of a problem in areas that have drastic temperature swings or for people who are driving between different altitudes constantly.

Any damage to a vehicle’s windshield that goes untreated can become a serious hazard. The cracks can spread over time and interfere with the driver’s ability to see properly. It may also break completely and need to be replaced. Get any issues fixed promptly to prevent costly repairs or replacements from occurring in the future.