The Duties of a Sports Agent

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The life of a professional athlete can be a glamourous one. There is such a variety of tasks that they are responsible for that they need the assistance of a sports agent. This employee helps them navigate their career while they are playing for the team that they represent. Here are a few of the duties of the agent.

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Contracts and Salary

The primary duty of an agent is to organize the financial planning for professional athletes. When their client is a rookie out of high school or college, the agent negotiates their salary with the team that is interested in them. They also must do this when the agreement expires. At this point, they can talk with the current organization or a new one. This means the representative must have a detailed knowledge of the sport that they represent. They must also know everything about their clients including their strengths, weaknesses, and any injuries they might have had happen to them. 

Know the Market

The agent must know nearly all the players in the league so that they can compare what their client is worth when put up against someone else in the same position. They must be an expert with stats and numbers and be able to access this information quickly. They should keep detailed files about their player’s performance every year so that they can refer to it when they need it. 

Sales and Marketing

When talking to coaches and owners, an agent must be able to sell their client’s abilities and worth. They have to be able to talk and get along with others. They should be persistent and keep pushing until they get the answer they want. Communication with teams, sponsors, and their athletes is a vital part of what they do. The higher the income they can arrange for their player, the more the agent will get paid in the end.