3 Sizes of Metal for DIY Projects

Posted on: July 28, 2020, by :

If you are new to crafting with metal, you may be struggling to make sense of instructions for DIY projects. The thought of using these materials may summon images of surly blacksmiths with massive biceps or dwarves beating metal on subterranean anvils; but the truth is that metal comes in all sizes and does not require superhuman strength to manipulate. Once you have chosen the type of metal you want to use, simply pick the thickness that is most appropriate for the job and the tools you have at hand. Here are three common thicknesses of metals and when to use them.

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Plate Metal

Metals thicker than one-quarter inch are referred to as plate metal. You won’t find plate metal at the corner hardware store, but you can order it from places that specialize in custom cut steel plate Tulsa OK. Because it is so thick, it is used for automobile and boat exteriors, as well as in crafting surgical instruments.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is anything between one-one hundredths of an inch and one-quarter inch in thickness. You can cut sheet metal with an inexpensive pair of tin snips, and connect pieces by screwing, riveting, or welding them together.


Foil, defined as any metal less than one-one hundredths of an inch thick, is the thinnest and simplest material to work with. Most people immediately think of aluminum foil, but you can also purchase copper, gold, and many other types of metal in this thickness.

Don’t be intimidated at the thought of using metal for your home improvement plans. Once you have figured out how you want your finished project to look, simply choose the kind and thickness of metal best suited to the job. Then determine the tools you need and get to work making your DIY dreams into reality through metal work.