3 Pieces of Video Production Equipment That Need Cases

Posted on: July 24, 2020, by :

Videographers, documentarians, and post-production people all know this universal truth about their gear: it’s both delicate and expensive. On top of that, it needs to be portable and able to function in a variety of rugged environments, from hot summer music festivals to Arctic expeditions. Beginning video producers must often cut corners when assembling their first kits. It may be tempting to skimp on cases, but these three items absolutely require them.

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While protective devices like explosion proof camera solutions are always worth considering, at the very least, you need a padded carrying case for your camera and lenses. It’s even better to invest in a hard-shell case if you can. Cameras are mostly made of small mechanical parts and glass; it doesn’t take much of an impact to cause damage that’s expensive, or even impossible to repair.


Lights are also delicate because of the glass and mechanical components. Beyond that, heat is a concern. Even though LED technology has become a more durable and less expensive alternative to traditional bulbs, a customized case that can help contain, or even cool a light instrument is essential.


Whether you’re using boom, handheld, or lavalier mics, you may think that they’re already sturdy enough to travel without a protective case. While they’re not as fragile as cameras or lights, they still have lots of moving parts that can be damaged within a split second, including cords that can be torn or dislodged if dropped. A bag or case is a must-have for audio equipment. You should also protect the mic heads with windscreens. In addition to protecting the mic, it will also reduce noise in windy and loud locations.

The three items on this list are the most important pieces of video production gear you need to get started. Keep them in cases and they’ll serve you well for a long time.