4 Tips for Becoming a Bartender

Posted on: April 11, 2020, by :

You’ve decided to become a bartender. Armed with your experience of making drinks for your family and friends, you’re ready to go to your favorite bar and submit an application. That’s all you need to do, right? Not quite. Read on to learn some steps to take toward being a certified bartender.

1. Get a License

Some states don’t require bartenders to have a license. But getting an alcohol license Dallas TX or any city you’d like to bartend can give you a leg up against other potential candidates. Licensing will equip you with the knowledge of drink laws and how to handle troublesome situations.

2. Start Small

After learning enough about something, it’s normal to want to jump into the playing field right away. But with bartending, it’s ideal tostart off in smaller restaurants to garner experience. Restaurant bars are less intimidating compared to nightclubs and similar venues with higher volumes of patrons.

3. Find a Mentor

A mentor who helps you through the process can be a major help to anyone new to the industry. Your mentor can answer questions you may have and give you helpful advice from somebody who’s been in your shoes. As a bonus, you’ll even have some new cocktail recipes under your belt.

4. Master Your Craft

As you go through your bartender training, you’ll learn how to mix and pour drinks. Mistakes in this stage are very commonplace, so don’t get discouraged if you accidentally misjudge an amount of liquor in a cocktail. The more you practice making drinks, the better you will get.

The road to becoming a bartender may be lengthy, but everything you do during this period counts toward your practice. When you apply these steps to your own training, you’ll become an accredited bartender in no time.