Honda SP 125 First Ride Review

Posted on: December 23, 2019, by :


  • The Honda SP 125 replaces the Honda CB Shine SP
  • New 125 cc motorcycle meets the upcoming BS6 regulations
  • New SP 125 is around Rs. 7,000 more expensive than outgoing CB Shine SP

The Honda SP 125 is the latest commuter motorcycle from Honda, and it replaces one of Honda’s most popular commuter motorcycles, the Honda CB Shine SP. But the new SP 125 has been given a thorough make-over to make it look stylish and premium. At the same time, it’s easy to ride, to make the daily commute hassle-free and it’s easy on the pocket. But the new Honda SP 125 has been introduced not because the CB Shine SP needed to be replaced, but because of upcoming government emission regulations, the BS6 regulations, which will come into effect from April 1, 2020.

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The new Honda SP 125 is an all-new motorcycle, with a new fuel-injected engine, an updated chassis, and with new design and features. It’s wider and longer, but still manages to be lighter than the Honda CB Shine SP. We spend the better part of a morning trying to understand how different the new SP 125 is, and if it’s an improvement in any way over the Honda CB Shine SP it replaces.


The Honda SP 125 gets a refreshed design with sharp tank panels, and an all-new 125 cc engine

Design and Features

The Honda SP 125 does look like a different motorcycle. That’s because, the design has been given a complete update. It’s sportier, with new colours, new bodywork, with sharp and muscular fuel tank extensions, and sporty graphics. And it now gets a fresh new face with a new LED headlight. The tail section has been redesigned too, although a LED taillight has been given the miss. The alloy wheel design is new, and the 18-inch wheels come with a choice of either MRF tyres or TVS tyres, with low rolling resistance rear tyres, which is said to help the SP 125 become more fuel efficient, apart from the mechanical updates to the engine. But there are other features too, which justifies the “all-new” tag.


The full-digital instrument panel gives a long list of information, including instantaneous fuel consumption, distance to empty and average fuel consumption figures

The full-digital instrument console is all-new and gives a long list of features, including instantaneous fuel consumption figures. So you can make out how much throttle input you should use, and the way you should ride, to return better fuel consumption. There’s average fuel consumption information too, as well as distance to empty, two trip meters, and a gear position indicator, and a digital fuel gauge, apart from the odometer and speedometer. The switchgear is all-new, and on the left handlebar controls is mounted a pass-light switch, which is also the high beam switch. On the right, there’s a segment-first engine kill switch, which doubles up as a starter button. And going with Honda’s new brushless starter motors in its BS6 two-wheeler range, the SP 125 also gets a silent ACG (alternate current generator) starter, so there’s no cranking sound from the starter motor.