Transmission Maintenance and Repair Basics

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There are a lot of parts in your vehicle which perform important tasks and need to be maintained on a regular basis and even repaired sometimes. The better you are at routine maintenance, the fewer large-scale repairs you are likely to need because you can either keep problems from forming or stop them before they become too large. One of the most important systems in your vehicle is the transmission which can be easy to maintain and rather expensive to replace.

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To properly maintain and repair your transmission, you will first want to know what type you have. Knowing that your vehicle has a e4od transmission, for example, will tell you that it is an automatic instead of a manual and help you find specific maintenance and repair instructions from the manufacturer. This will also help you research replacement costs if needed.


Flushing your transmission system and changing the fluid are two tasks that modern vehicles will only need every hundred thousand or so miles, but they are very important for a professional to perform for the health of your vehicle. You will need to check your fluid much more often than that and most of the time this is a service rolled in with your oil changes or other routine maintenance. If you do this yourself, then it is a good idea to know how to check the fluid in your vehicle as well as what the levels should be and what the fluid should look and smell like.


Most transmission repairs will need to be done in a professional shop because of the complexity of the system and the things connected to it. Some common repairs include incorrect fluid levels, fluid leaks and a clogged filter.

Taking good care of your transmission will have your vehicle running more smoothly for longer. This means regularly checking the fluid and getting a fluid change according to manufacturer instructions. It also means watching for leaks and paying attention to how smoothly your vehicle changes gears.