Do You Need a Lawyer For Your Bankruptcy?

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In most jurisdictions in the United States, bankruptcy is designed to work without a lawyer for most individuals and some businesses. That does not mean you are always best served by doing it yourself, it just means the process is set up to be accessible if you can not afford one. That’s a good idea, considering the subject at hand, but if your bankruptcy is unconventional or you are seeking the discharge of debts the court only discharges conditionally, that legal help could wind up being the difference between getting the clean slate you need and only getting partial relief.

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Seeking a Student Loan Discharge?

It’s a good idea to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer Rockville MD if you are trying to reduce or eliminate student loan debt through the Chapter 11 process, because the guidelines for granting those discharges are stringent and you need to satisfy them clearly before the court will consider eliminating student loans with other debt. Lawyers who work in bankruptcy law understand both when these conditions are satisfied and how to show the court they are, so they can help you better understand if you qualify for a student loan discharge. They can also help you take your best shot at showing the court you should have it.

Cost-Effective Help

If you aren’t sure whether you will save money by hiring a lawyer to help with your bankruptcy filing, a consultation is a good place to start. Through a quick talk with a qualified professional, you can get a preview of the case and the kinds of things a lawyer will be able to contribute to your cause. That’s the best way to figure out whether they will be able to find enough additional ways to support your filing to justify the expense. Often, they can, but sometimes things work out differently. Find out for yourself before you file.