Facts About Transmissions

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An automatic transmission is something that almost any vehicle has these days. These types of transmissions can automatically change the ratio of gears in conjunction with where the gear needs to be. This can be quite useful in the event that the driver has to shift gears. They will not have to do so manually.

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The automatic transmissions are very useful when it comes to heavy-duty vehicles. There are certain industrial machines which are limited in speed or which have speeds of the fixed engine variety have toques which can be adjusted. They can use a special gearing which goes straight to the wheels.

One tell-tale sign of a manual transmission is the fact that it is numeric. The only letters that are present are an L for gearing low and an R for when driving in reverse. This includes such heavy-duty transmissions as a 5r110 transmission. These types of transmissions are built for very heavy duty vehicles but are still basically the same device that every other automatic transmission has.

Most drivers do not even use most of the gears listed on the transmission stick. What this means is that they only use the D or drive set, the R or reverse setting, and the OD or overdrive setting. The other numbers rarely if ever get used and are considered mysterious except to the most advanced of drivers.

As you can see, there are some great reasons as to why you would want to get the best automatic transmission possible. BY driving and using this transmission as much as possible, it is possible to enjoy the ride and the drive of the car in a manner that you have not before. In these instances, you will be glad to know that you read so much about these automatic transmissions.