Understanding How to Get Your Teen Driving

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The process teenagers have to go through to get their driver’s license has changed greatly over the years. It also varies from one state to the next. Understanding how the system works will help you guide your teen through the wonderful adventure of learning how to drive.

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Getting a Permit

Each state has a specific age when they allow a child to get a permit. They must show proof of identity and take an exam. The DMV offers books with all of the information they will be tested on in them. Have your teen study this before taking the test. If they pass, they are given a permit that allows them to drive with certain restrictions including always having a parent or teacher with them in the vehicle.


Young drivers can wait until they are 18 and get a driver’s license without taking any form of schooling, but if they want one as soon as they have reached the allowable age, driving school classes are required. They will also require additional driving with a parent or guardian. You will have to sign a paper saying they drove the required amount of hours and have it notarized. The notary services bothell wa have available can do this for you.

Final Testing

After all of the classes are completed and your teen has reached the required number of practice hours, they can take their test. A police officer will ride in the car with them and rate their performance. If they pass, they can go directly to the DMV and get their license. Otherwise they will be asked to wait a certain number of days before being re-tested.

If you don’t know what to expect when your teen becomes old enough to get their license, it can be a confusing and complicated affair. Remember that each state has different rules and guidelines so be sure to stop by your local DMV to pick up information for your area.