Ways Telematics Is Making our Roads Safer

Posted on: November 20, 2018, by :

Most manufacturers in the 21st century are installing telematic devices for their new vehicles for easy tracking and monitoring. Telematics is a way of monitoring your car by installing a GPS and an onboard diagnostics to record and send movement patterns.

The ability of these devices to capture, monitor and analyze data from your fleet does help fleet owners increase efficiency, cut costs and most importantly increase safety. This information may also assist a fleet company to come up with policies that will aim at promoting good driving habits. There are two main types of telematics systems: Embedded and Non-embedded.

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How Does Telematics Work

A small piece of hardware known as a telematics box or black box is usually fitted in your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port (OBD port). The telematic device has three main components: the GPS antenna which monitors and locates your position, the accelerometer which detects any form of a sudden impact such as instant braking, and an inbuilt sim card which sends the collected data to a server in the cloud. The data is then decrypted to computer language which you can download to your desktop or mobile device.

Here are some of the ways telematics can improve road safety:

Monitors Driver Habits While Driving

The presence of an accelerometer in the telematics device helps you track the good and bad driving habits of your drivers. An accelerometer records any form of an immediate impact such as sudden braking. By knowing these behaviors, you can organize seminars to enlighten drivers on the good habits which promote safe driving thus reducing the number of road carnages.

Saves Time

GPS devices allow you to find the most suitable routes minimizing time wastage on the road. In addition, reducing the unnecessary time spent on the way will cut fuel consumption hence minimizing the cost of operations.

Quick Emergency Response

The telematics device can send notifications to your insurance company or fleet manager for rapid response in case of an accident. With telematics, the driver will be able to get the required assistance within the shortest time possible which improves the driver’s safety.

Cuts Down on Fuel and Maintenance Costs

With you being able to track and monitor your vehicles you will be able to analyze the data collected and come up with policies which will aim at promoting safety and reducing the costs of operations. Moreover, you will be able to know when your vehicle requires maintenance which helps avoid unexpected vehicle breakdown while on the road.

Can Guarantee You Rewards and Discounts

Having your telematic device connected to your insurance companies gives you a chance of getting a discount on your premiums. According to a recent survey, some insurance companies have begun rewarding drivers who practice road safety thus encouraging more and more drivers to embrace road safety.