Ducati May Introduce Smaller V4 Engine

Posted on: August 9, 2018, by :

Ducati is planning on building more versions of the V4 engine which is currently used in the Panigale V4. These V4 engines will be smaller in displacement, and will be lower-performance versions of the current V4 to be used in new models, according to Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali. The CEO of Ducati is quoted as saying in an interview to MCN that more V4 engines will be made in future, to be introduced in other models in Ducati’s motorcycle range. Ducati has introduced the V4 engine in the company’s flagship superbike, introducing the 1103 cc Desmosedici Stradale engine this year in the top-of-the-line Panigale V4. And now, it looks like there will be more Ducati motorcycles with smaller V4 engines.

“There will be more V4s for sure,” Domenicali is quoted by MCN as saying in an exclusive interview. “This engine is wonderful and actually it is a very strong platform – it is solid. It is obviously very light, but the gearbox, the clutch, the engine cases have been built very strong. In due time, the top of the range of our bikes will go this direction.”

The first of the smaller displacement V4 engines will be a new V4 that is expected to be unveiled later this year, with engine capacity below 1,000 cc to meet the World Superbike homologation rules. The current V4 with 1,103 cc does not qualify to be used in WSBK, and with Ducati’s long history in WSBK, it’s almost certain that this is the first new engine which will be introduced, which will be a short-stroke ‘R’ version of the Panigale V4.

“We think that we don’t want to just take this engine and apply it as it is. The new motor will be one that will be based on this technology, but will be much more tuned for longer distance and lower maintenance cost and this is where our development will be focussed. It’s taking time because we want to be right, but this is where we are going,” Domenicali is quoted as having told MCN.