Private classes of English: tips to find the perfect teacher

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Finding a private Milton tutor for learning English teacher can be an experience. Not only do you have to find someone who is a good teacher but also make sure that their availability of time and location fits with the one you have. Here are some tips that may be useful when you are looking for a private English teacher.

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  1. Search teachers with time availability similar to yours.

Finding a teacher who has your same availability is key point to making classes work well. Like all services, there are hours when English teachers are most in demand. These hours are early in the morning, 7: 30-10, at lunch time, 14-16, and in the afternoon after 7:00 p.m. At those times, the prices will be higher.

  1. That they live or work near you or where you are going to take the classes

A teacher can make an exception or tell you that it is not a problem but for a continued relationship, proximity is important. It’s like going to the gym! If you do not get caught nearby, you’re not going. Expert recommend that you find a teacher who has availability near where you want to have the class (to avoid that the teacher spends a lot of time traveling and the class is not attractive in the medium term). If you can group the classes with friends and neighbors so that the teacher has a block of class hours in the same place it will be great since it makes the class more attractive and at a more interesting price level.

  1. Find an experienced teacher

A teacher who has been doing it for years is always a good sign. In general, they will have better ability to plan and structure a class and answer specific questions about, for example, grammar. Remember that all natives can speak English perfectly but it does not mean that they understand every nuance of the language at the grammar level. Normally the experience of a teacher is directly linked to the price.

  1. Find a teacher who has experience with the exam.

If you are preparing a specific exam, look for a teacher who has experience with the exam. Make sure they are comfortable with the content of the exam and if they have done so, even better. They will know the structure of questions well and they will have interesting tricks.

  1. Find teachers with an English teacher certificate.

Have you found a teacher with the availability and price you were looking for but you have doubts about your experience? There are several certifications that support that they have received additional training on teaching English.Many teachers have also done or are doing a program called auxiliary where they are trained to teach in schools.

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