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If there is one city that can truly claim to be at “the crossroads of the world,” that city would have to be New York. New York has a history as one of the great cities of the world as well as being the first major city in the United States. Before Washington D.C. became the center of our government, New York was that center as well, and is the place where our first president, George Washington, was sworn in.

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A Cultural Center for the US

Today New York still reigns supreme as one of the great cultural centers of the world. New York is a magnet for the best and the brightest in the arts, and the city offers endless entertainment attractions, from great museums to Broadway shows, cabaret, opera, ballet, music and more. Add to all of this the amazing nightlife and restaurant scene this 24-hour-a-day offers, and you’ve got the recipe for one of the most vibrant places in the world. All of this is why companies that open up offices here get very serious about the image they put out in the world.

Interior Design in New York

Opening a new office space in New York involves making a serious statement about what a company’s mission and corporate culture is all about. That’s why companies that want to be major players here retain the best full service commercial architect and design services new York city has to offer, before they open their doors. A major interior design office will know how to translate a client’s message into an arresting office space that communicates a brand message loudly and clearly.

When a company hires on an interior design team, they are committing to a partnership that starts at the initial design brainstorm and carries through all the way from the initial design scheme to the final build-out and decoration of the office. When it’s all done, the client will have a beautiful showplace that has real positive impact. The space will welcome clients and employees, and communicate a positive message about the company, as if to say, we’re successful and we know what we are doing. All of this is what great design is about, and it’s why it’s worth the time and commitment involved in doing it right.

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