Hyundai Creta to be exported to 92 countries

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Hyundai Creta to be exported to 92 countries

Hyundai plans to export the Creta to 92 markets in all. At present, the SUV is being exported to only a few countries due to its huge demand in the Indian market itself.

The Creta’s launch created a huge excitement amongst buyers in India and the sales of the car shot up within no time. Similar is the case overseas as the Creta has a good demand from the Middle East, Africa and South America. Other countries that have reported a good demand include Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Panama, Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The Hyundai Creta’s huge success in India helped the carmaker to close record sales in 2015 and the same is being projected for this year. The mid-sized SUV has received over one lakh bookings till date and is going on achieving new sales milestones.

Hyundai has taken account of this demand and plan to cater to it in a phased manner. The manufacturer has ramped up the production of the Creta at their plant in Chennai. In the past, Hyundai has done the same to meet the huge demand. Initially, only 6,500 units of the Creta were produced a month, which were increased to 7,500 units. By June this year, the carmaker plans to produce 13,000 Cretas a month, out of which, 10,000 units will be for the domestic market.

As of now, Hyundai is almost on the verge of running its Chennai facility to its full capacity. It has been facing this capacity crunch and might have to soon expand the current facility or look for a new location to set up a new plant. We hope the manufacturer doesn’t have to cut down on the production of the other Hyundai models to make space for the Creta. Hopefully, with a solution in place soon, the waiting period will reduce and interested buyers will have to wait a little less to get the delivery of their Creta.

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