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Understanding Fuel Air Separation Systems

Like any other equipment and machinery, gas and diesel-powered engines need to be regularly inspected and maintained for efficiency and safety. This is especially critical when the engine in question is responsible for safe passage in your truck. A number of naturally occurring challenges arise when dealing with diesel engines. Fortunately, there are a number […]

FCA expands dealership network in India

FCA expands dealership network in India Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) India has announced the expansion of its dealership network in the country. The brand now has a presence in 70 towns and cities with 82 dealerships, which include their all-brand and Jeep Connect showrooms. The all-brand showrooms sell Jeep, Fiat and Abarth vehicles all under […]

TVS replaces Honda as second highest-selling brand in March

– TVS outperformed Honda by a margin of 25,385 units – Honda recorded a 46.7 per cent drop in its Y-o-Y sales – Hero Motocorp and Royal Enfield have also registered a dip in sales TVS has replaced Honda to become the second highest-selling two-wheeler company in the month of March 2019. While Honda sold 2,22,325 two-wheelers […]

Make Sure There Is a Rainy Day Fund for Auto Repairs

When purchasing a car, people sometimes give little consideration to the overall price of ownership. Sure, the lure of owning a flashy new vehicle that looks stylish is enough to make one consider financing or leasing in lieu or an outright purchase. But when it is time to insure and register a vehicle and pay […]

Getting Specifics on Equipment for Your Machine Shop

The success of your machine shop depends to some degree on the type of equipment you use in it. When your workers have access to high-quality and updated machinery, they can work faster and put out more products for your business to sell. You in turn make more profits because of the advanced machinery you […]

Things You Need To Know About Boom Truck Operator Certification

There is no questioning the fact that becoming certified to operate a boom truck is a great opportunity. The pay is very good for such an endeavor and you are performing a valuable public service. However, there are a number of things that you need to know in order to operate a boom truck effectively: […]

Common Reasons Cars Fail Emissions Tests

Emissions tests protect the environment and ensure that your car is operating at peak efficiency. There are a number of issues that can cause your car to fail an emissions test, however. Below are some common issues that may be behind a failed test.

How to Select an Insurance Provider

It is absolutely essential for you to have the right insurance coverage. You never can be sure when you might have an accident where insurance is needed to pay your bills. That having been said, you should never take the chore of choosing an insurance company lightly. There is no question that this is a […]

Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan revealed

Mercedes-Benz has just revealed the AMG A35 sedan, which, in essence, is a sporty version of the regular A-class sedan. The A35 is the German carmaker’s newest entry-level performance sedan and is positioned below the AMG’s C43 sedan in the international market. It is powered by the same 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine seen in the A35 […]

Evoke Motorcycles to enter India with electric motorcycle

The government’s aggressive drive for electric mobility in India – which has more recently been profiled in the FAME II Scheme – is also garnering the interest of foreign electric-vehicle manufacturers. China-headquartered Evoke Motorcycles is one of these manufacturers; and seems to be plotting a big assault on India’s electric two-wheeler market. Making India Evoke’s […]