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The March Budget has seen fuel prices reach record highs this year, adding to the toll the economic downturn is having on household budgets.  Helping people save their pennies, as well as the environment, we are urging motorists to turn to eco-motoring. To support used car buyers in their quest to reduce their carbon footprint – […]


As HPI confirms, this week, that its National Mileage Register (NMR) now exceeds 150 million mileages, the BBC’s The One Show* puts the spotlight on the growing threat of car clocking. Leading with HPI’s figure of one million clocked cars on UK roads, The One Show went on to report how one used car buyer […]


HPI CrushWatch Returns Vehicles to Finance Companies and Helps Police Protect the UK’s Highways Our latest figures suggest that it is drivers of mid-range higher volume vehicles, often the popular Vauxhall, Ford and Volkswagen models, that continue to be the greatest offenders of insurance evasion.  However, a staggering number of offenders in 2011 were drivers […]

“Ready, Steady, GO!” with our NEW improved HPI Driveaway

“All the elements that made the previous HPI Driveaway such a huge success are still there, but the areas that our customers said needed tweaking have been fine-tuned, thanks to our partnership with Swinton,” comments Daniel Burgess, our Managing Director here at HPI.  Testament to this is the move by thousands of motor dealers, including […]

Car Buying Horror Stories

Every year across the UK millions of people unwittingly buy a used car without checking the full facts about its past.  Many of these people could end up buying a car which is unsafe to drive or still on finance and at risk of being repossessed. To find out the importance of an HPI Check, […]

Don’t Get Caught Out with the March ‘13’ Plate Change

Whilst superstitious new car buyers may be cautious about the unlucky 13 series registration plate this March, spring remains a good time to go hunting for used car bargains. But buyers need more than luck on their side to find the motor of their dreams, as 1 in 3 cars checked with HPI are found […]

The “Ghost Car” Scam

At HPI we’ve been checking used vehicle histories since 1938 and we’ve certainly learned a thing or two in that time. Our call centre in Salisbury receives over 600 calls a day from customers who are in the process of changing a car and we’re pleased to offer as much help and advice as we […]

Car Buyer’s Guide: What you Need to Know

Whether it’s your first or fifth; buying a new car is always an exciting time. You spend a lot of time, effort and money into buying a used a car, so how to make sure you car is a good one, follow our car buyer’s guide. Do your research Before you start searching for your dream […]

Why You Shouldn’t Pay In Cash For Your Car

You’ve done it! You’ve finally found that dream car! All you’ve got to do now is pay for it!  Hooray! But hang on, the seller is asking for “CASH ONLY”, odd, but okay. You’ve fallen in love with the car already, so cash only is fine. But is it? Say NO to “cash only” payments […]

How to Minimise the Risks

According to studies carried out by road safety experts “THINK!”, 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep related – meaning that here in the UK we are driving tired now more than ever. So why is this? Are we working longer and commuting further? Are our social lives taking us further afield? Whatever the […]