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Man legally changes gender to get cheaper car insurance

That’s one way of doing it… There are a number of ways you can bring down the cost of your car insurance. We have apps that track your driving, bringing down your costs if you’re good behind the wheel. You can also shop around looking for the best deal on the market. Alternatively, you could […]

A checklist to find the right motor insurance companies in India

  It is mandatory in India for every car owner to have basic motor insurance. It helps ensure the safety and security of the owner as well as the vehicle. Insurance will also provide a cover in case of an accident and loss or damage to the vehicle due to natural or manmade calamities. Buying […]

How does a little black box reduce your insurance?

Whilst scouring the web for insurance quotes, you’ve probably come across two little words – ‘black box’. But what exactly is this black box and why should you install it in your car? Black box insurance (also known as telematics) has been around since 2008 and can help driver’s reduce their insurance.  In a report […]

What are the steps involved in registering a motor (car and two-wheeler) claim?

To register an insurance claim with us, you need to follow a simple and easy process. Follow the steps listed below: Step1: Park the vehicle safely Step 2: Intimate Bajaj Allianz Step 3: Shift the vehicle to a repair shop Step 4: Hand over documents to surveyor / garage Step 5: Reimbursement and claim settlement To […]

NCB (No Claim Bonus) and its benefits

What is NCB and under what circumstances is it applicable and how does it benefit the vehicle owner? NCB is the short form of No Claim Bonus; it is rewarded to the owner of the vehicle who is also the policy holder for No Claim / Claims in the previous policy year. It can be […]

What does my Bajaj Allianz motor insurance policy cover?

Bajaj Allianz offers a comprehensive cover that is designed to offer protection to you and your vehicle. The comprehensive cover comprises of:- a) Damage to your vehicle– The policy covers you against any loss or damage caused to your vehicle or its accessories due to natural and man made calamities as defined in the scope […]

Components of Motor Insurance

IDV means Insured’s Declared Value. It is the current market value of your vehicle. IDV is arrived at by adjusting the current Manufacturer’s Listed Selling Price(*see below) of the vehicle with depreciation percentage listed in the table below: VEHICLE % OF DEPRECIATION Not exceeding 6 months 5% Exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 1 year 15% […]

Your Safeguards to Check Fake Motor Insurance Policies

Insurance frauds have been prevalent over the years, and fact is that it cannot be completely eliminated. Various estimates claim that the Indian general insurance industry would be losing between Rs. 2,500-3,500 crore in a year due to such frauds. Evidently, it would be disappointing for a customer to discover that the motor insurance policy […]

Opt for Add-on Covers for Comprehensive Motor Insurance Benefits

Abhishek has bought a new car, and paid a basic policy premium of Rs. 15,000. Due to the rainy weather, he had a mishap where he ran into a tree. Due to this accident, there has been extensive frontal damage to the vehicle. In such a situation, while a large part of repair costs would […]

Customer Checklist – Motor Insurance Renewal Process

Your motor insurance policy should be renewed before the expiry date and time. Failure to do so can lead loss of the motor insurance renewal benefits. We take every effort to send reminders to all our policy holders to remind them about expiry of their motor policy. Company executives or agents will contact you in […]