Famous Movie Car Chases

Most of us – maybe even all of us – enjoy escaping our world when we pretend we’re behind the wheel of some fast car, one that either chases the bad guys, or one that’s trying to get away from a potentially dangerous situation. Enter the movies, enter the car chase. Here are a few of TheCarBuyingGroup’s favourites! Movie buffs and those who enjoy a good old fashioned car chase will tell you they bring back sweet memories.

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  • Bullitt (1968) – Steve McQueen often played the tough guy, the hero behind the wheel. Not only a good actor no, also a great real-life racing car enthusiast who looked totally natural behind the wheel. A Mustang GT 390 has not looked so fierce since Lieutenant Bullittchased down the bad guys on the streets of San Francisco.
  • The French Connection (1971) – When you have New York cops and heroin smugglers fighting it out, expect a wild car chase or two. Detective Doyle has to outsmart a killer in an elevated train from his 1971 Pontiac Le Mans. The action sees various crashes – albeit unplanned – from stuntmen who mistimed their entrance into the chase, and instead of missing Gene Hackman’s car, they crashed into it. Great viewing is guaranteed during the two-and-a-half minute chase, even though it feels much, much longer.
  • Mad Max II: The Road Warrior (1981) – In a post-apocalyptic world where only the tough will survive and where fuel is of the utmost importance, cars, motorbikes and a fuel tanker are all blown to smithereens by bandits and other bad guys. The intense 20-minute chase at the end of the movie still rates as one of the most exciting in movie history.
  • The Rock (1996) – Destruction on a grand scale helped make the chase in ‘The Rock’ so memorable. Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage – and various policemen – helped ensure a six-minute scene of action not to be forgotten. Connery smashes through everything in his path, which includes taxis, power-lines and even a San Francisco streetcar. And when Cage’s character can’t pursue his chase, what does the man do? He simply takes another stolen vehicle to further destroy what lands in his path.
  • Ronin (1998) – Narrow city streets, French Riviera coastal drives and tunnels set the scene for some wonderful car chases as mercenaries take one another on. Throw an Audi S8, Peugeot 406 and BMW 5 into the mix and witness some spectacular chases. The brief case that sets off so much of the action takes a back seat so to speak as police cars, motor bikes and trucks meet their fate in thrilling, action-packed scenes.

Long live the car chase!

How to Buy an Awesome Second Hand Car without Losing Your Sleep? The Answer – Truebil

Buying used cars in Mumbai is not a great deal. You can get any car at Mumbai’s second-hand market. But you will be facing the right challenge when you seek a fair deal at a very reasonable price. Car owners will overrate their cars and you might think that it is impossible to end up with a nice deal.Here is where Truebil can help you

Truebil brings everything at a place without complications

Truebil will bring everything you want at a place. The most important challenge that you will face while searching for a used car will be the availability.There is no guarantee that you can get the desired model from your surroundings. You will have to search over and over and for finding used cars in Mumbai, and for that you will have to travel from one end of the city to another. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can see all the used cars at one place?

Yes! Truebil will make this impossible. By login to Truebil, you can see a huge collection of used cars. All the models, colors, and brands are available at Truebil and that too with clear images of the cars that represent their present condition. There are no hidden charges or no hidden agenda .The transactions are completely transparent and will certainly give you some peace.

Compare the features and price with Truebil to get the smartest deal

The second trickiest part that you will be facing will be the price soft the used car. As you are one who seeks the second-hand car, you will not be having an accurate figure for the car like the new ones. So the rate of the car can be a little less than the original price or it will be less than you imagine. So getting the car at the right price is too difficult.

Used car market is sometimes like a gambling where you might or might not end up with a fair deal. Here also Truebil can help you. While looking onto Truebil, You will get a clear idea about the rates of the cars. You can compare the prices of the same model and can end up with the best one. You can get the best deals in the minimal time in Truebil.

Non verified documents will not haunt you anymore

Another most challenging part is organizing the documents for the car. Yes, you might expect that the owner will hand over the documents in one go, you are wrong. Most of the used cars may not be having regular documents; especially the insurance papers. When you are buying used cars in Mumbai, it should be void of obligations and legal issues. Here Truebil will help you like an angel. All the documents to be organized can be arranged with the help of the information from Truebil. There will not be any confusions and the entire process of buying a car will be complete hassle free.

The user reviews says it all

There will not be any space for dilemma when you go for Truebil. It is one of the most demanded used car market space over the internet. The user reviews and the overall opinions about the Truebil will be more than enough for you to proceed with it. The transparency in the deals and the accuracy in the transactions are widely appreciated across the internet either.

Be in the owner of the car, as soon as you pay

You can transfer the ownership certificate and other papers so easily with Truebil. You have to roam around different government offices to get this done if you buy for yourself. Truebil makes the process quick and instant. You may not believe the efficiency of Truebil until the documents are delivered at your doorsteps. The process is such trouble free and handy.

With Truebil, you will be becoming the owner of a professionally inspected car with a very good performance. You will be the smart owner who knows everything about your car and you will be the intelligent buyer who buys a used car at reasonable price in the smartest way.

Ten Tips for Buying Your First Greenhouse

The introduction of a greenhouse into your garden offers the possibility of year-round gardening for the enthusiast. However, purchasing a greenhouse for the first time is not as straightforward as it may seem. For instance, if you purchase one that does not meet your needs, it may well be impossible to achieve the sort of gardening you are looking for. Therefore, it is always recommended you put some serious thought into what it actually is you want before committing to buying anything. The ten tips below will help guide you towards purchasing a greenhouse that will suit both your garden, as well as your gardening needs.

You will need to choose a location in your garden for your greenhouse before you buy it. This is because there are several different types of greenhouse including, freestanding, portable and lean-to varieties. Measuring the desired location is an absolute must to ensure the type of greenhouse you buy fits nicely into your garden. Take the measurement of your yard with you and the sales assistant will be able to advise you further.

Not all greenhouses come with flooring, so if this is something you want you will need to plan for it before purchasing anything. You will have an assortment of potential flooring to choose from and you are best off going for one that is relatively low-maintenance. Having a decent floor in your greenhouse will enable you to keep planters off the damp earth.

Be realistic about what you can afford to spend on your greenhouse and set yourself a budget. Choose wisely and get as much information as you can before parting with your money. Some of the more expensive, and elaborate, greenhouses look nice but they are not always as functional as cheaper alternatives.

Consider what materials you want to make up your greenhouse. While Perspex is available, glass is a much more popular option however; you may find choosing the framework a harder decision. Wood, such as teak, when painted looks attractive but it can be expensive and it also has a limited lifespan in comparison to other materials. Aluminum is the most cost-effective material and, although the steel screws may show signs of wear over time, an aluminum frame will not rust.

Most gardeners buy heaters for their greenhouse, as not only will the warmth protect the plants from cold winters, certain plants require consistent warmth to grow properly.

If you are going to purchase heating for your greenhouse, it makes sense for you to ensure it is also properly insulated. Not only will this prevent precious heat from escaping, it will also ensure a more comfortable environment for your plants to grow.

A suitable ventilation system is important for any greenhouse. This usually consists of ridge and side ventilators, although a good-sized door will not only ventilate the greenhouse, it will also make maintenance easier. A greenhouse that does not have adequate ventilation will be at risk of developing a mold and mildew problem, which is bad news for plants as it can be poisonous.

Housekeeping should also be a consideration when you are searching for a suitable greenhouse. Finding one that is easy to clean, will reduce the risks of pests finding refuge in your greenhouse and feeding on your plants. Keeping the glass clean will also allow sunlight to get through properly.

It is also essential that your greenhouse is sturdy. If you live in a place that suffers from storms or high winds, you will need to choose a tough greenhouse that will still be standing after gale force winds. This also means making sure it is erected on flat land, this will stop it from leaning or swaying in inclement weather.

The last thing, and one of the most important considerations, is you will need to think about whether you want a D.I.Y kit greenhouse you can put up yourself or whether you will require someone to erect it for you. If you have even the sli

Should You Rent Or Own Your Own Heavy Equipment?

If you are a construction company that does a high amount of volume, you might come to the crossroad where you have to decide that you want to own your heavy equipment versus always renting your equipment. It really depends on the cost to rental advantages that you might have to review before you decide.

There are a number of factors that you should review with your business before you might decide to start renting heavy equipment.

There are many heavy equipment rental companies out there willing to rent their whole fleet to you at any given time. Most companies set their rentals for daily to even monthly rentals. It really depends on what type of flexibility your company needs and what time frame the rentals need to be. Depending on how long you get these rentals for will determine the price of the equipment rental.

There are different types of rentals that you can get when renting heavy equipment. You can get cheap rentals like forklifts and bobcats, or you might have to rent some very high end equipment like excavators and dump trucks. The more high end products can cost you as much as $10,000 dollars a month. You might think to yourself that this is crazy, but if your job is a high paying, high demand, then you should be willing to pay whatever it takes to get the job done.

If you find yourself renting the same equipment over and over and paying high dollar for this equipment, then you might start to think about buying this type of equipment. You need to look at the overall picture when purchasing your equipment. If you are willing to sustain these types of projects, you might want to seriously consider buying your equipment.

If you buy your equipment, you will save money in the long run. You will be able to pay off your equipment, and then have usage of the equipment, free and clear in the future, putting more profit in your business. The only thing you need to keep in mind is you want to make sure you are going to be using this piece of equipment for a long time.

One of the advantages of renting is that you never have to pay for the servicing of your equipment. If the equipment stops working, you simply call your salesman and get a new piece of equipment to your job site. The price for fixing the equipment is usually covered in the rental agreement.

If you own the equipment, you need to have someone in house that can fix it, or it can be very expensive. You will also have to have someone at your shop maintaining the equipment.

Whether you decide to buy or rent the equipment, you will want to gather all your information, decide whether this is a great choice for your business, or if you should just continue to rent. Make a great choice for your company, but the great part is, at least you have a choice.

Tesla’s Existing Customers To Get In Front Of Line For Buying The Model 3

Tesla will begin taking reservations worldwide for the Model 3 on March 31, the same day the company is going to reveal the compact luxury car.

Interested parties will be asked to deposit $1,000 or £1,000 or €1,000, depending on the country of residence.

Tesla will give two ways of making a reservation: Potential customers can visit their local Tesla store when it opens on March 31st, with the company saying that this will allow them to secure a better spot in the queue or make their reservation online on the company’s site when the live unveil event starts its broadcast.

A different queue will be held for each region in order to keep things as fair as possible. And speaking of fair, the company will offer priority to existing Tesla owners. “The fastest way to buy a Model 3 is to buy a Model S or Model X”, says Tesla in their statement.

Production of the new entry-level Tesla will begin in late 2017, with the first cars to be delivered in North America, starting on the West Coast, moving east. Europe, Asia-Pasific region and right-hand drive markets will follow soon after.

Tesla will reveal the Model 3, possibly in a working prototype status, on March 31st and will be broadcasted live on the company’s website.

You Can Buy A Porsche 918 Spyder For $78,000

Okay, maybe this Porsche hypercar is a little bit dented, but it’s still a genuine 918 Spyder.

With only 918 examples produced, Porsche’s current halo car is a tease on the eye to begin with, and every piece destroyed gets rarer and rarer. Nevertheless, this particular example still has a chance – hence the current ($78,500) bid – but the repairs for it come costly (as you’d probably expect).

Looking at the 918’s parts pricelist that we recently shared, the transmission alone costs almost as much as this salvageable machine, while the money required by a new engine could buy you a pretty nice Ferrari instead. Nevertheless, Copart – the company handling the sale – says the repair estimates for the Porsche are around $600,000.

Considering a new one comes with a starting price of $845,000, with many examples exceeding the $1,000,000 mark, this could be a good deal; although it’s not mentioned whether the bill price for the repairs includes the engine and transmission fixing.

On the up side, the car has only 92 miles (148 km) on the clock – if that matters – although it was not verified.

Used car buyers set to benefit from the new Consumer Rights Act

Car buying

On 1st October 2015, some of the biggest changes ever in consumer law will take place and, HPI, provider of the HPI Check®, is urging used car buyers to be aware of their new rights.  The Sale of Goods Act is set to be replaced by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  This crucially allows consumers to ask for a full refund in the first 30 days of buying any product that subsequently turns out to be faulty – including cars.   Known as the ‘early right to reject’, this new legislation replaces the previous rule, which said retailers only need to repair or replace a faulty item or part. 

If a defect is found after 30 days (but within six months) used car buyers are then entitled to a repair or replacement.  However, the new legislation stipulates that dealers will have only one chance at repair or replacement. If they fail, consumers are entitled to a full or partial refund.

Neil Hodson, Managing Director for HPI, comments, “The Consumer Rights Act 2015 gives more power to those consumers who are dissatisfied with a purchase, giving them the right to reject faulty used cars and ask for a replacement or refund. However, consumers still need to do their homework before handing over their hard-earned money, ensuring they make a clever purchase, rather than one they regret.  1 in 3 vehicles checked by HPI are found to have a hidden history, confirming the importance of understanding the provenance of a car before you buy it.”

The HPI Check includes a mileage check against the National Mileage Register as standard, now with over 200 million mileage readings, including readings for vehicles less than three years of age. HPI also confirms whether a vehicle is currently recorded as stolen with the police, has outstanding finance against it or has been written off, making it the best way for consumers to protect themselves from fraudsters looking to make a fast profit. In addition, the HPI Check offers a £30,000 Guarantee* in the event of the information it provides being inaccurate, offering added financial peace of mind to used car buyers.

If buying from a dealership, HPI recommends that consumers ask to see the history and mileage checks for any vehicles.  It is also important to check that the dealer belongs to an organisation such as the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) or that they have signed up to the government-backed Motor Codes scheme (www.motorcodes.co.uk); both demand that dealers abide by a strict code of practice. If buying from a reputable dealer, a consumer’s rights are comparable with buying from any other retail outlet.

Neil Hodson, Managing Director for HPI, concludes, “Although the new consumer laws offer greater protection after a purchase has been made, if you arm yourself with as many facts before you buy, you could reduce the risk of buying a lemon in the first place.  Conducting a vehicle history check atwww.hpicheck.com provides car buyers with added peace of mind, whether buying privately or through a dealer.”

Car Buying Horror Stories


Every year across the UK millions of people unwittingly buy a used car without checking the full facts about its past.  Many of these people could end up buying a car which is unsafe to drive or still on finance and at risk of being repossessed. To find out the importance of an HPI Check, read our car buying horror stories below.

1. Architect buys a write off and loses the lot

Stefan Mordue, an architect from Newcastle, had just passed his test and wanted to buy his first car, a sporty little Citroen AX GT. He found exactly what he was looking for in the motoring classifieds and went to view the car with his mum and his cousin. The car seemed just about perfect, it looked great, had all the right paperwork and was within his budget, so he went ahead and bought the car.

Really pleased with his bargain purchase, Stefan decided to have “his new baby” serviced by the local mechanic, so it would run like a dream.  Unfortunately as the mechanic was examining the car he unearthed some serious mechanical problems.

Concerned that he might have bought a dud, Stefan decided to do an HPI Check so he could understand the full history of the car he had just purchased. Unfortunately for Stefan the HPI Check revealed his car was actually a category C write-off.  With further investigation and assistance from Trading Standards, it turned out the car was actually bought from a scrapyard and made to look like a bargain, when in fact it was un-roadworthy and absolutely worthless.

2. Beemer on finance nearly cost a packet

Andre Bemand, a train driver from Southport had a close shave when he was looking to buy himself a car, and only his mum’s sound advice prevented him losing all of his savings.

Having worked hard, scrimped and saved for what felt like an eternity, Andre had his heart set on a BMW 7 series which he found in the motoring classifieds for the bargain price of £5,000. He took his Dad along to view the car, everything looked good and the seller seemed like a good person.  When Andre got home he talked to his mum about what he’d hoped would be his dream car; sensing his enthusiasm and worried that he was getting carried away, his Mum urged him to check the car out with an HPI Check.

His mum’s advice turned out to be very sound, as the HPI check revealed £1,400 worth of outstanding finance which the car’s owner still owed to the finance company. If Andre hadn’t followed his mother’s advice he could have ended up buying a car with outstanding finance and become liable for any monies owed on the vehicle.  He could have even been left with no car, and no money if the finance company had repossessed the car to recover its debt.

3. Write off nearly wrote off Naomi’s Savings

Naomi Copestake, a youth worker from Plymouth had her heart set on a great little run-around she’d found via an advert in the motoring classifieds but it nearly cost her, her entire £2,000 savings.

At the time Naomi was a student so she had very limited funds but she desperately needed a car. She spotted an advert for a Peugeot 206 which seemed to tick all the boxes, pretty local, low mileage and a great price.  She went to view the car at the seller’s house but not really knowing anything about cars she wasn’t sure whether to take the plunge.

A gnawing voice in the back of her mind was saying, “Don’t just wing it and gamble away your money!”. Instead she chose to carry out an HPI Check and she was very glad she did, since the check showed the car was a category D write off which had not been adequately repaired and was not fit to return to the road.

Car Buyer’s Guide: What you Need to Know

HPI Check blog.hpicheck.com

Whether it’s your first or fifth; buying a new car is always an exciting time. You spend a lot of time, effort and money into buying a used a car, so how to make sure you car is a good one, follow our car buyer’s guide.

Do your research

Before you start searching for your dream car, you need to think where you will be driving it the most. Do you commute / travel a lot for work? Do you have children? Is it just for dashing to the shops? It’s important to find the right car for your passengers and lifestyle.

Car valuation

Once you have found the make / model of the car you want to buy, make sure you don’t pay over the odds for it by getting a professional valuation.

Buying from a garage

Most people who are buying a newer second-hand car are more comfortable purchasing from a dealer or garage. Increasingly, manufacturers administer “Approved Used” schemes to make their used vehicles more attractive to buyers, however, you are likely to pay more for a vehicle from a car dealer compared with a private seller. No matter how attractive the asking price is, there is always room for negotiation and no shortage of choice in the used car market. You may well be able to find an equally good deal elsewhere, so don’t be hurried

Buying privately

There’s no shortage of used cars for sales when it comes to classified sites. The main benefit of buying privately is that the price is likely to be lower than a similar vehicle on a forecourt as there is no “middle man” to pay. It’s always good to talk to the current owner of the vehicle too. When visiting the seller it’s important to get as much information as possible such major accidents, when it was last serviced, MOT history. If the car you’re visiting is of some distance, it may be worthwhile getting an HPI Check done before you set off – to ensure there isn’t a hidden history and a wasted journey.

Get the history checked out

When looking to purchasing a second-hand car, its important to get as much information on the vehicle as possible. An HPI Check will investigate whether the car

  • Is currently recorded as stolen
  • Has any outstanding finance
  • Has previously been written off
  • Has mileage discrepancies

1 in 3 cars checked by us has a hidden history, so for peace of mind, get a vehicle history check


After you have done your research and been to see your dream car a few times, knowing there is nothing hidden in the history – you can sit back (in your new set of wheels) and enjoy the ride.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay In Cash For Your Car

Why you shouldn't pay in cash for your car

You’ve done it! You’ve finally found that dream car! All you’ve got to do now is pay for it!  Hooray! But hang on, the seller is asking for “CASH ONLY”, odd, but okay. You’ve fallen in love with the car already, so cash only is fine. But is it?

Say NO to “cash only” payments

Here at HPI headquarters, we are recording more and more fraudulent activity reported by our customers, particularly by sellers requesting cash only payment.  So, before you part with your hard earned income, here’s why you shouldn’t pay in cash for your car.

There’s no traceability

Imagine this. You paid for your car in cash. Two weeks later something goes horribly wrong with it. Your mechanic says this problem has been there for a while.  You attempt to call the seller but surprise surprise, there’s no answer; and because you paid in cash, they can’t be traced either! Nightmare.  “Customers deserve traceability” says Jess Churchill, one our consumer experts at HPI. She strongly advises against cash payments.

Bank Details

Without bank details, how can you be sure the seller is legitimate? Paying via credit card or banker’s cheque means you will obtain the sellers name and contact details. This can be checked against the information on the V5C document. You should only visit the car at the seller’s address and ensure it matches the V5C. Sellers portray that they are doing you a favour to meet half way but this could be because they have something to hide.