Nissan inaugurates a new service centre in Kochi

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Nissan India has opened a new service centre in Kochi, Kerala. The new dealership will cater to the after-sales needs of both Nissan and Datsun customers.

Nissan inaugurates a new service centre in Kochi

The new facility is a part of the EVM CARS dealership located in Nettoor, near Kochi, Kerala. It will take care of all the after-sales requirements of customers from neighbouring areas like Tripunithura and Marad. The workshop has a capacity of housing 50 cars in its parking area and can service up to 30 cars within a day. This includes an exclusive express bay service making it easy for customers to get their vehicle serviced quickly and easily.

Sanjeev Aggarwal, Vice President, after sales, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. said, “This new service centre is a symbol of our commitment to provide Nissan and Datsun customers with a superior ownership experience. Kochi is an important market for Nissan and Datsun, and we have seen a tremendous response here for the Datsun Redigo. We look forward to establishing even closer relationship with our valued customers here in the Kochi area.”

With the inauguration of this new workshop, Nissan now has 28 customer touch points in Kerala. The carmaker has a network of 284 outlets overall for Nissan and Datsun vehicles across 188 cities in India. The company is strengthening its after-sales presence across the country by opening such new dealerships at a fast rate

The Nissan GT-R is slated for its Indian debut on December 2. The flagship Nissan sports car is widely regarded as an engineering marvel that punches way above its weight amongst the fast cars of the world. The GT-R, also known as the Godzilla, will be available in seven hues and might also have a custom paint-scheme option on offer.

The seven colours will be Vibrant red – the launch colour, Storm white, the signature Godzilla – Katsura orange, Pearl black, the Gun Metallic grey, the Ultimate silver and the Daytona blue. Apart from these standard colours, you might be able to order your GT-R in the hue that you want. That should certainly be a good option.

And even if you do not want those special cosmetic touches, the GT-R provides you with many nonetheless. For example, the titanium exhaust is hand made to get just the right noise and looks while making sure the 3.8-litre V6 breathes well. The twin-turbocharged V6, in spite of its puny size, belts out 562bhp of power from the petrol engine along with 637Nm of torque. While the power and torque aren’t mindboggling, the way it is delivered through all-four wheels is exceptional making the GT-R one of the fastest cars in the world

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