3 Common Myths About the Automobile Transport Industry

Moving is overwhelming, especially when moving long distances. There are many things to consider like packing and moving all of your things, changing your address, and finding a good school. The last thing people consider is how they’re going to move their car (or cars).

Are you considering driving it yourself? Before you do that, look into hiring a car transport company. They will transport your automobile for you. In a lot of cases, having your car towed cross country is cheaper than driving it. It certainly reduces the wear and tear on any vehicle.

Not a lot of people are familiar with the automobile transportation industry. There are a lot of myths associated with it. What should know before you hire one?

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Automobile Transport Myths Explained

The cost depends only on distance traveled – This is the most common fallacy associated with auto transport companies. Of course, distance is a determining factor on the price, but it’s not the only one. Like household goods moving companies, the accessibility of your pick up and drop off points alters the price. Companies prefer having a full trailer when shipping to maximize profit margins. Customers who are flexible on pick up and delivery dates will get a break on the price. The easier you make it for the company to make money, the lower your quote.

You shouldn’t use an agent – Seemingly, it would be better to deal directly with the transport company. This is a common thought, but it’s not always the case. A third party agent shops your move around to different companies until they find you the right service at the right price. When you go direct, you are at the mercy of their salesman’s pricing. You also typically get better service from a third party agent because they have your best interests in mind.

Go with the cheapest quote – The low prices some companies offer are tempting. Be warned, if it seems too low, it probably is. Read the fine print on your estimate. If you don’t, you might get burned when the final bill comes on delivery day. Quality service isn’t cheap. If you get three quotes, I suggest choosing the one in the middle.

These are just three of the myths that revolve around the automobile transport industry. Consider using one for your next move. It could actually save you money. Your car will be much safer and experience less wear and tear because of it.

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