Mold Inspection – What Is Involved?

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A problem with mold growth in your home be it in the basement, attic or on the wall of your bedrooms or lounge is always a cause of worry and demands that you deal with the problem as soon as possible. But before dealing with the problem, one should first identify the type of mold present and the kind of repairs required to check the problem. So, what is a mold inspection all about?

Mold inspection are carried out inspectors who are professionally qualified to do the job. The inspector first identifies factor around your property causing mold growth as well as pinpointing problem areas. Water damages, odours and obvious signs of fungal growth etc. An inspector will usually first check these areas for mold growth and will then move ahead. After the preliminary checks the first job is to see the moisture levels present in the walls of the property. The moisture levels are measured at intervals of about two feet and special attention must be paid to areas like water heaters and sinks. Moisture levels can be measured using a special meter which will give a reading to show the level of moisture present. The acceptable level is usually 15% or below.

Should at this point in the mold inspection your inspector discovers wall moisture readings greater than the acceptable figure or comes across signs of water damage or mold growth he/she should bring them to your attention and possibly discuss whether samples should be taken. However, even assuming there are visible stains from water damage or perhaps mold growth the inspector will still be unable to give any indication for certain that you have a mold problem which is why sampling is essential.

After this, the mold inspector can take around two air samples. The first should be from the area which is causing concern and the second should from outside as during a mold inspection it has to be identified whether or not the mold inside is the same strain as that outside and if it is in the same ratio or less. This will help in identifying the molds whose concentration is much higher inside making it toxic mold.

These samples are then sent to the lab and the inspector will give a verbal report as soon as the results become available followed by a written report within a couple of days. The inspector must be able to confidently interpret the results and make recommendations to resolve the issue. While, there are numerous mold inspectors out there, it is important that you choose one not on the basis of cost but the quality of service they offer.

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