Yamaha, Samsung join hands to develop Smart Windshield concept

Yamaha, Samsung join hands to develop Smart Windshield concept

It’s quite disturbing to receive messages or phone calls when you’re out riding on a motorcycle or a scooter. Most of us tend to lose focus when this happens but things might change in future.

The Italian arm of Yamaha and Samsung have joined hands to address this problem. They’ve co-developed the Smart Windshield concept that involves a screen that allows access to information displayed on the rider’s smartphone in the least distracting manner. Basically this concept is a transparent screen placed beneath the windshield and above the instrument cluster of the scooter. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone and with the help of a dedicated application, displays the phone’s notifications in a similar fashion to a head-up display system. The information displayed on the Smart Windshield can include calls, messages, email, browser data and much more.

Yamaha gave its famous Tricity scooter for this development as this scooter is in great demand among European youngsters. Both the companies say that this concept is still in a development phase with no plans to go commercial in the near future. But if something like this can make our roads safer, then we would love to use it daily.

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