Mugen Shinden Go unveiled at 2016 Tokyo Motor Show

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Mugen Shinden Go unveiled at 2016 Tokyo Motor Show

Team Mugen has unveiled its contender for the 2016 Isle of Mann TT – the Shinden Go. Unveiled at the 2016 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, the Shinden Go is a fifth generation electric superbike purpose built to compete in the TT Zero class of the iconic road race.

The Shinden Go, which stands for Shinden ‘Five’, is the fifth generation of the electric superbike, and a successor to the Shinden Yon. Powering the superbike is a 120kW oil-cooled three-phase electric motor with a 210Nm torque rating. With the 10kW bump in power, Mugen will now attempt to achieve a 201kmph lap around the mountain course. Mugen has also made cosmetic revision to the fairing and bodywork to improve the aerodynamics of the bike. The carbon fibre chassis and swingarm design has also undergone major revisions.

This year’s edition will mark the fifth edition of the TT Zero race, in which riders have to complete one lap of the 60-kilometre mountain course. Team Mugen has retained its rider line-up comprising of John McGuiness and Bruce Anstey for the 2016 Isle of Mann TT, as is it will attempt to defend the 2015 title. The 2016 Isle of Mann TT races will be held from May 28 to June 10 at the Isle of Mann.


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