Day: March 27, 2016

Used car buyers set to benefit from the new Consumer Rights Act

On 1st October 2015, some of the biggest changes ever in consumer law will take place and, HPI, provider of the HPI Check®, is urging used car buyers to be aware of their new rights.  The Sale of Goods Act is set to be replaced by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  This crucially allows consumers […]

Reputational risk a clocking conundrum for dealers

Over 70% of dealers surveyed by HPI, the automotive technology solutions provider, are concerned about damaging their reputation by inadvertently selling on a clocked vehicle.   With 1 in 20 cars checked with HPI recorded as having a discrepant mileage, dealers are right to be fearful of clocked cars. Also high on the list of concerns […]


A staggering 237 thousand written off cars are uncovered every year by hpi, provider of the hpi check®, as being offered for sale by sellers who won’t always declare to buyers that they are insurance write-offs. However, warns hpi, with the used car market anticipated to be swamped with flood damaged cars in the coming […]

The 10 most common reasons for car crashes

Everyone likes to think they’re a good driver and that they’re not going to be involved in a crash. But according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), every year around three million people claim on their car insurance, sometimes for theft or vandalism, but usually because of some kind of collision. It doesn’t help […]

Hoping for a sweet 16 on the March plate change?

The March plate change brings a swathe of used vehicles onto the market, as people upgrade their car. Used car buyers looking for a sweet 16 bargain could be in for a nasty surprise, if they don’t bother to protect themselves from the risks, warns HPI provider of the HPI Check®. Shiny paintwork and all […]

Supercars can make a super investment

The latest figures from cap reveal that the supercar market could offer a sound return on investment if buyers choose the right make and model. Overall, supercar and some sports car used values have remained level in a depreciating marketplace, but some vehicles are enjoying strong appreciation. Philip Nothard, cap consumer and retail editor, explains, […]

Don’t get caught out by outstanding finance warns HPI

HPI is urging used car dealers to make vehicle history checks standard on all stock, regardless of the vehicle’s age, after a Trading Standards investigation led to a trader from Wales being successfully prosecuted for unwittingly selling on a car with outstanding finance against it.  With as many as 1 in 4 cars hitting the […]


The March Budget has seen fuel prices reach record highs this year, adding to the toll the economic downturn is having on household budgets.  Helping people save their pennies, as well as the environment, we are urging motorists to turn to eco-motoring. To support used car buyers in their quest to reduce their carbon footprint – […]


As HPI confirms, this week, that its National Mileage Register (NMR) now exceeds 150 million mileages, the BBC’s The One Show* puts the spotlight on the growing threat of car clocking. Leading with HPI’s figure of one million clocked cars on UK roads, The One Show went on to report how one used car buyer […]


HPI CrushWatch Returns Vehicles to Finance Companies and Helps Police Protect the UK’s Highways Our latest figures suggest that it is drivers of mid-range higher volume vehicles, often the popular Vauxhall, Ford and Volkswagen models, that continue to be the greatest offenders of insurance evasion.  However, a staggering number of offenders in 2011 were drivers […]