Tips to Drive Safely in the Monsoons

How to Drive Safely in the Monsoons

The monsoon season is approaching, and if you go by the old saying, “prevention is better than cure”, you need to take care of your vehicle during the rains. We, as an insurer, will take care of reimbursing the loss to the vehicle. However, we can only reimburse you for the cover taken. There are a few simple steps that you can take to safeguard your vehicle, and prevent yourself and your family members from getting injured.

The Dos and Don’ts of Monsoon Driving



1. Avoid driving through water. If you want to travel, use the first gear and press the accelerator to increase engine RPM.
2. After crossing flooded areas, accelerate the engine to clean the silencer.3. Spray anti-rust and anti-fungal spray or kerosene when submerged in water.4. Disconnect the battery when submerged in water.5. Replace all lubricants and fluids when vehicle is submerged in water.


6. Make sure that the brakes are working fine after driving though water clogged roads. If they don’t, try pumping them. This helps them dry faster.


7. Avoid night travel and travel only by known roads.


8. Get the tire condition checked.


9. Replace old wiper blades.


10. Check the lighting system of the vehicle.


1. Don’t drive where the water level is half of the tire height.2. Never start or crank the engine when vehicle is submerged in water before taking the opinion of an expert technician.3. Avoid driving through a high water table.4. High speed braking may lead to slipping of the vehicle. Hence, use the brakes wisely, i.e. pumping them at breaks rather than putting them at once which may cause their locking (In case of non-ABS vehicle).





For monsoon, we have the following add-on coverage available:

  • Road Side Assistance (24* 7 cover): This cover helps in getting timely assistance when the vehicle has a breakdown.
  • Engine Cover: This covers the consequential losses of engine and gearbox due to water ingression in the engine.

And if your car ever gets submerged in heavy rains, the following infographics tell you what to do in such a situation:

Safe Driving Tips for Monsoons


Safe Driving Tips for Monsoons2

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